Our Story

In 2019 we had the opportunity to purchase two half Wagyu + half Angus bulls for our Angus herd. We were excited about the potential improvement in our beef quality.  These amazing genetics along with our dedication to our cattles’ nutrition and wellbeing has produced top-of-the-line beef in terms of marbling and taste. It is THRILLING to be able to share our life’s work with others who we know will appreciate the outstanding quality of the prime Wagyu cross beef we have to offer.


SHARE and SAVE- Don't hesitate to contact your family and friends and ask them to go in on the purchase with you as the whole beef purchase is the best value!


How does all this work?

You put down your deposit and we will email you with a processing date that we have secured with our processor. The balance due will be payable at delivery- typically about 3 weeks after the processing date.

How much will it cost?

Pricing is based upon the hanging weight. A whole beef is about 800 lbs. hanging weight (400 lbs. for half and 200 lbs. for quarter).

So for whole beef would be $3.15/lb. + $1.50/lb. for processing is about $3720. Half a beef would be $3.25/lb. + $1.50/lb. processing about $1900. Quarter of a beef would be $3.50/lb. + $1.50/lb. processing about $1000.

How much meat should I expect?

A whole beef is about 440 lbs. of processed bring home meat (220 for half and 110 for quarter).

How much space will I need?

A quarter of a beef will need a 5 to 7-cubic-foot freezer, a half beef an 8 to 10-cubic-foot one, and a whole beef an 18 to 20-cubic-foot one. For perspective, a large refridgerator ranges from 22 to 28 cubic feet if that helps you visualize the size freezer you would need.

Is your beef grain feed or grass fed?

Our beef are finished on high quality hay grown on our farm as well as a specialized grain ration we make ourselves with the corn and soybeans we grow. We much prefer the taste of grain finished vs grass fed beef.